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Twenty-four years as a Division I coach.

Digit Murphy has invaluable experience and unique insight into finding the right fit for your student athlete. Our experienced team will help you define and identify your college objectives and assess options that are realistic for you and your family. Put our professional services to work for you in this important journey.

With unsurpassed longevity coaching Division 1 women’s hockey, Digit’s philosophy and approach are simple.

“I started a college advising business to help students increase their opportunities to get into the college of their choice. We know that athletics is a different animal when it comes to the college process because of variables like NCAA Rules, Ivy Indexes, coaches’ program needs, athletes’ needs, different seasons, different support for different sports based on school priorities, etc. There are so many factors that go into identifying recruited athletes at the college level that student-athletes are not aware of. My goal is to educate and inform them of this process from a coach’s perspective.”

An important observation during her coaching tenure at Brown was that many parents and students didn’t have the information they needed to make an informed, timely decision that satisfied their needs. Observing that there are communication challenges between coaches, students, and their families, Digit’s primary objective is to allow student-athletes access to the information they need in order to make an educated decision about their future athletic and academic journey.

College Consulting Services

Initial Consultation:

  • We’ll spend a couple hours getting to know you and your objectives for athletics and college.
  • The student athlete and the parents will each answer a series of questions designed to help us understand each perspective and goals.
  • We’ll conduct individual discussions with the student athlete and parents to get their respective feedback.
  • Together we’ll plan the next steps.
  • Initial Consultation Cost:

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Online Profile:

  • A professional online Profile Page.
  • We will post it on our site and it allow you to send the link directly to coaches
  • It will include your information, links to Transcripts, Video, and coach recommendations.
  • See a sample profile here
  • Online Profile Cost:
    $149 (updates are $25 each)

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Recruiting Video:

  • A professionally made video showing your athletic skills.
  • We send a videographer to your game.
  • We will edit the video and post it on our YouTube site so that you can send the link directly to college coaches.
  • See a sample video here.
  • Professional Video Cost:

Customized Complete Packages:

  • Typical Freshman and Sophomore Year Services
    • 4-8 sessions throughout each year
    • camp recommendations
    • academic recommendations for targeted schools
    • talent evaluation
    • motivational/organizational structure for student
    • For parents–peace of mind that your student is being guided through process by knowledgeable professional
    • coaches approach–direct pointed discussions and dialogue
    • game plan to combine academic and athletic needs of student
  • Typical Junior and Senior Year Services
    • 8-12 sessions throughout each year
    • Coaches evaluations
    • Scouting assessments/reviews
    • College List
    • College Application
    • Finances

Hourly Consulting Packages:

Priced hourly based on your needs.

  • Scouting Time and Report Review
  • College List Evaluation
  • Coach’s Meeting(s)
  • Financing Assessment/Recommendations
  • College Counseling Liaison

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Digit Murphy is the current Head Coach of the women’s professional hockey team, the Boston Blades. Murphy has over twenty years of coaching experience since her start at Division I Brown University.

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